Jessica & Bryan {Baby Announcement}

Guess what?!  The secret is out!  Bryan and Jessica are having a baby and I had the honor of taking photos so they could share this great news with the world!

Jessica & Mark {Wedding}

Jessica and Mark are a beautiful couple from Florida that came to Jackson Hole for their honeymoon.  We began talking a year ago when they were wedding planning and Jessica really wanted to do her wedding portraits at Grand Teton National Park, so we planned the perfect portrait session!  There are so many photos I love from this shoot that I had a hard time narrowing it down!


Pam & Todd {Wedding}

In June, Pam and Todd came to Jackson Hole to tie the knot!  During an intimate ceremony at a private home on the Snake River, they began their life together as husband and wife.


Maternity Portrait Session

In May, I had a maternity session with a beautiful couple, Shauna and Jeremiah.  They were so much fun to photograph and here are some of my favorites from our session!

Andy & Mindy {Wedding}

In April, I had the joy of photographing my good friends Andy & Mindy for their wedding day.  Here are some of the photos from that day and tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from a maternity session with Shauna!

Congratulations, guys!  And best of luck in Africa this Fall!

Pam & Todd: June 30, 2012

Today, I had the joy of photographing Pam & Todd’s wedding in Lake Solitude.  Their ceremony was so beautiful and intimate that I couldn’t help but share one photo from today!  Enjoy!

Pam & Todd’s Wedding, Photo by Ashley Wilkerson Photography

Maternity, Newborns, and Weddings

On Thursday, I’m heading toward San Diego to be a leader for a youth camp with my hubby for a week.  He does 3-4 trips like this every summer, but this is my first time tagging along and I’m pretty excited.  For the past few days, however, I’ve been tackling a mountain of computer work before I leave, so I’m doing a marathon of editing newborn portraits, maternity portraits and a wedding.  Here’s a little sneak peak into the maternity session!

Maternity Portraits by Ashley Wilkerson Photography, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Persephone Bakery

A few weeks ago, I had a session with Persephone Bakery for the Jackson Hole News & Guide for the Business Focus section.  It was my first time hanging out in a commercial bakery and I saw what seemed like the world’s longest strip of cinnamon rolls being made!  From the smell of all the tasty creations to the dust of flour everywhere, I had a lot of fun taking photos with Kevin and the great folks at Persephone Bakery!

Crafty and Cute 2!

For anyone that might be interested, here are some links and tips to the basic patterns of the hats!

Owl Hats

The Owl Hat, Special Notes:  I think this hat tends to be a little too deep according to the pattern, so If it’s starting to look a little long, just stop a few rows early.  After you get the basic pattern down you can adapt it into many different varieties of the owl hat or other animals like the baby bird hat.  For the blue one, I used buttons for the eyes for a clean look the pink one was my first attempt at the sleeping owl look!

Baby Bird Hat

The Baby Bird Hat is something I had seen elsewhere, but I just used the Owl pattern to make it and adapted it as needed.  I just used some nice soft blue yarn I had left over, little buttons for the eyes, and yellow felt sewed on for the nose.  This one is gender neutral so it works for boys, but I can just add a clip on bow or flower to glam it up for newborn baby girls!  I think it’d be great to make little yellow ones too in the Spring time for Easter shoots!

The Monkey Bear Hat… lol

The Bear or Monkey Hat, Special Notes:  On mine, I can’t really tell if it looks more like a bear or a monkey… I think I placed the ears too high for a monkey, but I still think its cute!  The original hat is much larger than this newborn one below.  A few months ago I made it according to the pattern for a friend, but just the other day I wanted to whip up some more prop options for a newborn shoot with a baby boy.  Basically for a newborn size, you can follow steps 1 through 6 or 7 and then skip to step 11 on the hat and for the ears I used a smaller hook to get them a little smaller.  Also, I was in a hurry so I did this hat with a half double crochet (instead of single crochet) so that it wouldn’t take as long.  With a half double crochet:

Rnd1: Chain 2, 10hdc in 2nd stitch from the hook (or the beginning chain).  (10 st)

Rnd2: 2hdc in each stitch around. (20 st) **Note, I don’t like the funky seam look that I get when I join a row and chain 1 to start the next row–so I just skip all of that and work continuously.  Just keep track of where you are and how many stitches you have in a circle and it will be fine!**

Rnd3: *1hdc in first stitch, 2hdc in next stitch* repeat all the way around. (30 st)

Rnd4: *1hdc in first two stitches, 2hdc in 3rd stitch* repeat all the way around.  (40 st)

Rnd5-11: *1hdc in each stitch around* (I did this for 6 rows, until it looked long enough for a newborn.

Finish the end with a row or single crochets or loose slip stitches.  (If you make this row too tight, it will not stretch as much as the rest of the hat)

Add the ears from the pattern above using 1 or 2 hooks smaller than you did for the hat and you’re good to go!  If you don’t have a smaller hook, you can always do less stitches on the rounds to make it smaller as well.

Enjoy and I hope you guys try these.  Ask any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Cora’s Baby Shower Gift! Some baby toys from her registry at Pottery Barn, 2 Bibs and Burp Cloths that I sewed, and the Pink Sleeping Owl Hat and matching Owl Toy!

Crafty and Cute!

Update: Here’s a link to a blog post with information about the patterns if you like to crochet!

Last year when I tore my ACL, I had plenty of time on my hands post surgery so my friend Leah taught me how to crochet!  At first, my two nieces were the unlucky recipients of my initial attempts, but with time I’ve gotten better at crocheting and crafting.  After making lots of cute things for every baby shower I’ve ever been to since then, I decided that I needed to build up my photo prop inventory with some cute accessories for baby shoots!

First is a cute owl hat and an amigurumi owl to match!  This is actually a baby gift for Cora, so I don’t get to keep this one unfortunately, however I plan to make one for my own stash soon!  I can’t wait to use these in newborn shoots!

Here’s part of Cora’s baby shower gift!

Here’s a variety of hats I crocheted recently. Not sure if the tan one looks more like a monkey or a bear!

This one has cute little fuzzy ears in the back!

Update: Here’s a link to a blog post with information about the patterns if you like to crochet!


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